K's Staff Film and Photo Shoot Coordination in Europe

Germany-based film and photo shoot coordination services in Europe (Austria, Switzerland)

With 20 years of experience in location coordination in Japan, we are now offering our services in Europe.
We offer complete coordination of your film or photo shoot, including organization of the location, cameraperson, stylists, hair and makeup artists, model casting, photo shoot props, and transport services. If you bring just a small group of your own staff members on site, we could help carry out a variety of film and photo shoots (model, interior, etc.) in Europe.

From our office based in Berlin, Germany, we offer coordination services for film and photo shoots around central Europe. Equipped with years of experience in location coordination and an extensive network, we provide professional support in realizing your creative vision in attractive European locations, from historic neighborhoods to modern architecture.

*For fashion and interior photo shoots, TV series, commercials, television productions and reports, etc.

Studios and Supporting Staff in Europe

Ray Studio
Kei Sugimoto
(in Berlin)
Antonio Navas
Graphic Designer / Illustrator

Not just film and photo shoot coordination!

・Accompaniment services for exhibitions and other events in Europe
・Various market research in Europe
・Translation and interpretation services
・Purchasing props and other materials. Procuring catalogues and other information, etc.

*Don't hesitate to contact us about any services not listed above.



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