We also offer location coordination services with 20 years of experience in Japan, mainly in Germany
(German speaking / Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein) in Europe.
We provide total coordination for shooting, from shooting location to cameraman,
stylist, hair makeup, model casting, shooting props, and location bus.

When requesting location shooting

Based in Berlin, Germany, we coordinate photography mainly in German-speaking countries.
In an attractive location, such as a traditional European cityscape or a modern building,
we will support you by making the most of your experience and network as a location coordinator to make the image you envision come true.


Preparation for proposal

Based on the information received at the time of the inquiry
(scenes required for the project, details of the project, details of the scheduled shooting date, etc.),
our Japanese staff and European staff will work on the proposal preparation.
Due to the time difference with Japan, it may take some time for the first reply.


Proposals and materials

From stock properties that have been shot at our company, we will propose location location materials according to the image.
Please feel free to contact us if you need materials for urgent projects.

* Due to personal information and our agreement with the property details, there are some contents that cannot be conveyed.


If our stock property does not have a property that matches the image, we will research a new location from the desired area and negotiate shooting and adjust location.


location hunting

If there is a desired location from the property, we will guide you to a preview.
If you can not adjust the schedule due to busyness, our staff can also do it alone.


Various adjustments such as shooting application

Once the location is decided, we will make the final adjustments for the shooting,
such as adjusting the shooting schedule and applying for various places.
If you need to greet the neighbors depending on the location, our staff will respond.



We will be present at the site so that we can smoothly carry out the equipment from the day of shooting to unloading and respond to requests on the day.

Other requests

Local support staff

Kei Sugimoto


(Berlin Resident)

Antonio Navas

Graphic Designer/


Spain Coordinator

Contact Us

For reservations, quotes and inquiries by telephone, please feel free to contact us at the number below.


For reservations, quotes and inquiries, please feel free to contact us using the form below.
After confirming the contents of the inquiry, the person in charge will contact you.

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