Stock photos are stock photos taken in advance in situations that will be used in various media,
such as posters, catalogs,flyers, DMs, printed materials, websites, banner ads, and other media.
Creators can use this service by selecting photographic materials that suit their purpose and paying the usage fee.

CG composition of walls, floors, lighting, etc. is possible (all buildings have been licensed for shooting)

If you use the regular stock photo service, you need to get the approval of the location owner to add the CG processing to the purchased image. However, K's Plus has already signed a contract with the local owner when shooting at home and abroad, so you can save time and labor for customers to negotiate and make your work more efficient.

Example of using CG synthesis of stock photos

CG synthesis of products, etc. based on stock photo materials can create a space that actually exists. We offer materials from all angles to facilitate CG composition even at the same location.

Here is an example of using CG synthesis.

    • Before synthesis
    • After synthesis
    • Before synthesis
    • After synthesis

Abundant shooting angles appealing for interior

Over the years, we have coordinated the photography used in interior-related catalogs. Doing. We offer a variety of photo materials utilizing these know-how.

We also support different angle shooting of stock photos that other companies do not have

In response to a customer's voice saying, "I want a different angle, but the location is good," it is possible to shoot at a different angle according to the customer's request at the same location as the stock photo.
* There are some properties that can be handled or not available for properties with different angle shooting, so consultation is required.

We offer a wealth of photographic materials accumulated over the years

Based on 20 years of location coordination, we offer a wide variety of photographic materials such as hotels, houses, stores, and public facilities (museums, schools, hospitals, welfare facilities, etc.) in Japan and Europe.

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