Our Services

Location Research

Tell us the kind of location you are looking for and the nature of film or photo shoot you are planning. We will do the research to find the perfect location for your needs.

Location Scouting

For clients who want to personally visit the locations that we've found before making a final decision, we accompany our clients and the production staff to view the proposed locations.

Permission Acquisition and Negotiation Processes

We take care of all the necessary negotiation and application processes for your film and photo shoots. We strongly believe it is our mission to provide an environment where our clients can focus their entire creative energy on the production process even after the shoot.
Due to the necessity of renewed negotiations and other processes, please be advised that an extra permission acquisition fee will incur in addition to the coordination fee, even when using locations that have been used for a previous shooting.

Our services include:

  • Briefing of the nature of the film or photo shoot
  • Application and negotiation processes for permission to use the location (finalizing the hours of use and rates, etc.)
  • Other necessary legal procedures and applications (permission for public road usage, creating and submitting application documents to public offices, etc.)
  • Additional fees may incur depending on the nature of the film or photo shoot (i.e. altering images of buildings by photo editing, disruption of public traffic, etc.)

Location Coordination

Our services include:

  • Proposal of stock locations
  • Organizing catering and other services
  • Handling complaints regarding location use
  • Please contact us for further details

Providing Images

In case of presentations or an urgent need of location images, we are able to provide you with stock locations images.

*Please be advised that certain location details cannot be provided due to privacy issues and agreements.

Work Flow


To find the perfect location you envision, we discuss your image of the scene and the details of your shoot.


We propose several locations from our location library. If you desire a location that better suits your vision, we will resume the research upon further consultation.

Location Scouting

We will accompany you to visit the proposed locations. It is also possible for our staff members to visit the location on your behalf if you do not have the time.

Various Necessary Procedures

After you have selected your location, we will arrange the dates and other details. We will begin the application processes for road usage permissions, negotiations, and all other necessary processes for the shoot.

On-site Support

To ensure that your film or photo shoot runs smoothly, our staff will support you on site. We will ensure that all your needs are met and that any problems or complaints after the shoot are handled in a responsible manner.


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