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Location Photo Service

Location Photos are images that have been taken in various plausible situations and stocked so that they could be used for advertisement in a range of printed media, such as posters, catalogues, flyers, direct mail campaigns, as well as websites and banner ads. With this service, you, the creator, can select the images that suit your needs and purchase the right to use them.

Examples of location photos (CG-retouch)

Based on the material of the location photos, we create real spaces with CG-retouch.
We also have various angles from same locations to make easier the CG-retouch.
We show you some examples here:
Please click the pictures.

What makes the K's Plus Location Photo Service special:

1. 1. An expansive selection of diverse images that has been accrued over many years

Over our 20 years of experience in location coordination, we have accumulated an extensive stock of various images in locations such as hotels, homes, shops, and public spaces (museums, schools, hospitals, social service facilities, etc.) in Japan and in Europe.

2. Re-shoot services to get your perfect angle

For clients who like the location but are not happy with the angle of the image, K's Plus offers a service where we re-shoot the same location with the angle of your choice. This is a service that no other Location Photo services offer—just K's Plus. (*Subject to additional fees.)

3. Walls, ceilings, lights, CG alternations: no need to acquire special permission

With most Location Photo services, even after you have purchased the image, you must acquire special permission from the person in charge of the location if you want to add CG effects or alter the image in any way. However, as K's Plus signs an agreement with the people in charge of the locations at the time of the photo shoot, we are able to cut the extra hassle and time and streamline your workflow.

4. An enormous library of interior-related images

Thanks to many years of experience coordinating photo shoots for interior-related catalogues, we know all there is to know about the most desirable angles and settings for interior Location Photos as well as how the images are used for sales promotion tools like catalogues and websites. We have a large collection of images that draw on our extensive interior photo know-how.


The fee for our Location Photo service is based on single-use of an image over a restricted period of time. There are no limitations for size and number of copies of the final product, but we reserve the right to refuse sales of our images depending on the purpose and nature of the use of image.
Please also be advised that our Location Photo service does not offer exclusive use of an image by one client, even after its purchase. Should another client of the same trade wish to use the same image, we will not refuse the sale. With regard to the purchase history of the stock image, you will be informed before you make your purchase.
For details, please contact us by e-mail or by telephone.

*Rights Managed (RM) … Fee undecided

License Agreements

*Please read the license agreement before you purchase our products.

Rights-Managed Content License Agreement (PDF)


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